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Colorado Real Estate State Exam Pass Guarantee

Don't just take our word for it, take our guarantee. You will pass the state exam and we will help you do it!

We are confident that if you are successful in our 168 hr Gold Package, you will pass both portions of the Colorado licensing exam on your first try. And while most pass guarantees refund only your state exam fee, we are willing to back it up with a full money-back guarantee!

But what does that mean to our students?

We will refund the entire cost of your pre-licensing program, up to $595, to any student that fails either portion of the licensing exam.

How do I qualify for the guarantee?

For our 168 hr Gold Package students, if you fail the state exam on your first attempt within 11 weeks from registration:

  • Provide us with a copy of your PSI exam result.
  • Speak with an instructor and review the course material in order to re-take and pass the Course and Exam Prep Summary Exams.
  • Re-take the state exam.
  • Upon our receipt of your second state exam results, we will refund you the entire course fee.
  • You will remain active in our program so that you may continue to review, and will also be contacted by an instructor who will provide a detailed study plan to ensure that your next attempt is a success.
  • This program is available for our 168 hr Gold Package program only, and is not available on individual courses or other packages at this time.

How can we provide this guarantee?

With our knowledge of the licensing requirements, unmatched level of instruction and program support, and online instruction experience, we know that if you follow our program you WILL succeed. Our confidence in your success stems from our experience in Colorado education.

Our faculty represents more than 100 years in real estate education, and our program and systems will teach you not only how to pass the state exam, but also how to succeed in the field. We can help you get to where you want to be.

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