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Colorado Real Estate License Student Testimonials

Thanks for a great exam prep. I was exempted from taking the preparation courses and failed the state exam. I then purchased the real estate manual and promptly failed again. Your exam prep gave me the information in a way that was easy to learn, and I passed immediately. I will highly recommend this program to others.
Paul L.

Just got back from the exams with passing grades on both: State - 82.5% and National - 86.4%. Thanks for all of your help, I'm sure that I'll be needing some continuing education in the future and will look here first.
Mark B.

I passed the state and national portions. I felt nervous but confident that I was prepared and did not notice anything on the test that I wasn't prepared for. The proctor mentioned that I finished both exams in record time and I'm sure it's because I was prepared and knew the material well.
Leslie M.

I passed both sections of the real estate exam on Saturday. I was thrilled that I did it on my first try! I had originally signed up for another school’s correspondence class and never completed it. In comparison, the information you provide is much more thorough and better matches the actual test.
Dianne B.

As someone who was a teacher for 27 years (from elementary school to university level after getting a PhD), I can't say enough about how well your course is designed.
Suzanne H.

I took my test last week and passed with 88% (general) and 81% (state) after completing you course in around 6 weeks. Thank you so much, the structure of the course is brilliant! It prepared me perfectly for the exam. Now only three days after my exam and I already have a listing. Very, very happy. Thank you.
Jarrod C.

I passed my state board test this morning! Thank you so much for your help and assistance throughout my studies...your help and study tips got me through the test the first time! I am very happy and will recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much!
Gretchen H.

Thanks for the wonderful pre licensing program -- It allowed me to get through everything in 5 weeks and jump into the game while there was still time left in the selling season. It will be a very merry Christmas in the Heaton house.
Stefan H.

I took my Broker's Exam and I passed the first time thanks to VanEd. The course of study through VanEd was excellent, and the Internet format worked fine for me. The exam prep section was particularly helpful - in fact - I found the actual exam to be a relief in comparison. Thanks to everyone at VanEd - I will certainly recommend your program.
Don P.

I passed the broker's exam yesterday. The program really did a fine job of preparing me for the test. The online materials and exam prep module were very well done, and I felt fully prepared. Thanks also for your phone calls and assistance along the way.
Jeff K.

Charles and I successfully passed the exams! We have already sent in our license applications and are excited about getting started. Thank you for all your help. We were very pleased with the online course.
Sarah C.

I just wanted to thank you for the course materials and online sample testing that you provided me. I took the exam yesterday and felt so prepared that I don't believe I missed more than a few if any. Again, thanks.
John G.

I passed the National portion with a 93.7% and the State portion with a 2.4%. The material provided was excellent. By re-taking several tests in the book and reviewing the materials supplied I felt I was prepared for the tests. I was quite nervous and didn't sleep well as I hadn't taken a test in many years, however I felt very comfortable once there because I felt prepared.
Deb C.

Passed! 91% National, 96% State. Thanks!
Jennifer E.

What I had really appreciated was your constant support, the fact that you were always responsive to my needs, you answered all my questions and that I felt that your school was really interested in my success. I wasn't just someone who had signed up, paid and was left to their own devices. You were recommended to me by a previous student and I certainly will pass on further recommendation to other prospective students.
Julia G.

Just wanted to say I used another online prep and failed the test the first time. When I used your online prep for the state test was spot on with the questions that were on the test I felt like I was taking one of your Exams! I got an 84% and it was almost stress free. Thanks!
Donna S.

I took both the State and National exam and got a 93 and a 90, respectively. I am very pleased with the course materials. I would highly advise that people take the final exams several times to experience a wider range of questions, like I did.
Julie T.

I took my license test on Saturday for the first time and PASSED with an 84% average. Thanks!!! I am only 19 and am very excited!
Kathleen J.

I got a 98 on the national and an 85 on the state. Thanks!!
Barbara B.

Everything went very well with my state exam. I passed both portions. I felt as though the material in the state exam was covered in the course. I am very satisfied with all aspects of the program.
Brandy D.

I just wanted to mention that the real estate course online was a big help for me. I was surprised with the ease and quick response I received with my questions and concerns. I passed the first time. Kudos to you and your group.
Michael G.

Thanks for checking in, I took the exam last month, and scored an 85% on the state portion and a 92% on the National. I am very pleased overall with the program and how it prepared me. Thanks again.
Aaron K.

I passed both parts, first time. Thanks for creating such a thoughtful course- I’ve already referred my sister’s boyfriend to you!
Stacey C.

Thanks for everything! Your program was a good way to go. Two of my Realtor friends recommended it to me, and I will be doing the same to anyone I know who wants to become a Realtor.
Mary M.

I passed with flying colors and in record time -35 min! I took the summary exam five times and found many of the same questions on the actual exam. I felt more than comfortable and prepared thanks to you! Thank you all again!

I successfully passed both my exams (over 86% on each!). I felt well prepared for both exams and took full advantage of the practice exams… and felt very comfortable during the proctored exams. So, my analysis is that taking those practice tests and looking at the diagnostics saved me hours of time studying irrelevant issues.
Mike W.

I felt very well prepared for the exam. It was nice to go into the test and be able to sail through it.

I wanted to let you know I took my Real Estate Exam yesterday, June 3rd..... and I passed both sections. The course was tough and sometimes are to get through, but all the information and especially the test preps really helped make the exam not so daunting. Thank you so much, I am glad the worst is over. Your course truly was and is everything you claimed it would be!!
Christine S.

I passed easily. Really, I cannot say how to improve your course. I was well prepared. I also have plenty of material to reference in the future and your practice tests did well to emphasize the state exam materials.
Gary C.

Thanks again for the response! You guys are the bomb and I love working with your material as you always get back to me when I have questions.
Michael R.

Thank you for providing an excellent service. I truly enjoyed taking this course. It was the first one I ever did 'on line' and it was truly wonderful to do. Thank you again.
Kim R.

Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam with a 93.7% on the National part and 94.5% on the State part first try. Thanks for providing the course I found it very concise and user friendly both on and offline.
Paul T.

I want to go on record and tell you that your support staff, your on line chat support and EVERYONE is and has always been amazing to work with. Our IT rep and even Comcast could not say enough about you guys!!
Charlie K., CPM

Hi! I wanted to let you know that last Saturday I took and passed the Real Estate Broker exam both national and state portions on the first attempt! I wasn't very confident going into the exam but I did very well on both portions. Thank you for the detailed and thorough education that you provided through your online course. I will keep your information and look for continuing education products as I need them.
Charles N.

Just wanted to say thank you. I passed the test on the first try, and I already have a job with a wonderful real estate brokerage. Thank you so much for preparing me so well for a career in real estate. I will be using your classes in the future for my continuing education needs.
Jenn M.

I just wanted to thank you for courses. Being licensed in WI for many years I wasn't required to take any courses to qualify for the state portion of the test, however, I found that I NEEDED to take the courses to pass the test. CO and WI do things quite differently and had I not taken your course I would not have even come close to passing. For the record, my score on the test was 92%. Thank you. I would recommend you to anyone.
Chris S.

Covered everything so well. As usual VanEd is the best!!
Elizabeth Y

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